Hooray for Besha

A few months ago we told you how Besha Asefa is overcoming his physical challenges through weightlifting and wheelchair racing. Full Story

Despite severe setbacks in his life, which include contracting polio at age one, abandonment by both of his parents, and becoming a victim of familial violence that resulted in a broken hand, Besha has grown into a physically and mentally strong young man.

We asked for help in meeting Besha’s training needs, and our BCI family quickly stepped in to ensure that we could provide Besha with the nutrition and equipment needed for his training and competitions.

We are thrilled to report that Besha is now the proud owner of a gold medal from his most recent weightlifting competition.

We are so delighted for Besha, grateful for your support of his athletic endeavors, and humbled by God’s hand in his life.

International Pen Pals

Grandpa and Claire

A couple of months ago, a longtime sponsor approached us with a novel idea. His granddaughter, Claire, saw a  copy of the BCI Post at his home and noticed a photo of one of our young girls who needed sponsorship. He decided that he would sponsor the child to facilitate a pen pal relationship between the child and his granddaughter. She eagerly penned her first letter, using every color of the rainbow to introduce herself. She enclosed a couple of photos of herself, which her new friend in Ethiopia excitedly brought to school to show her classmates.

After receiving a recent photo from her pen pal, Claire committed the ultimate act of generosity for a young girl – she decided to send her pen pal her favorite teddy bear. She also sent a doll, hygiene products, photos and a letter. What an enriching experience to learn at such a tender age how to give so freely.

We would be honored to help a special child in your life establish a pen pal relationship with one of our precious children.

Meet the Children: http://www.blessingthechildren.org/ChildrenList.html