Mission Trips

Taking a trip with Blessing the Children, you will experience a culture hundreds of years behind our own as you come and minister to the orphans, widows, and impoverished families.  If you love children and you’re committed to experiencing God through a life-changing experience, we have just the place for you!

Traveling to any third-world country can be difficult, and as third-world countries go – Ethiopia is one of the poorest.  Even so, we strive to make our teams and missionaries as comfortable as possible so they can concentrate on ministry and outreach.  We handle all of the details to ensure you have a safe and productive experience.

Bring a Team: We are a full-service ministry that will help you plan and carry out a successful mission trip for a team from your church, school or organization.  Our staff is here to serve you and the members of your team, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling experience.  We will work with you to facilitate every aspect of your trip.  Call today to schedule your dates!

BCI Scheduled Trips: We offer ten trips each year that are open to individuals and small groups.  We invite you to join us on one of these BCI sponsored trips, where we’ll pair you with a number of other individuals and small groups.  Trip dates and costs are listed on the enclosed mission trip flyer.  Our trips are customarily two-week long, but we’re happy to customize your travel to fit your schedule; whether that’s one week, a month or several months.

Short-Term & Career Missions: In addition to hosting teams as mission trips, we also have need of both short-term and career missionaries who are interested in serving a few weeks, months or years.  While education and child care are two areas of high priority, we have many other opportunities for you to serve God in a foreign missions environment.

You will not find an organization more committed to helping you realize your full potential in ministry than we are here at Blessing the Children.  We understand that as you fulfill your role and are effective in the gifting God has given you, we become effective as a ministry and fulfill our role to reach out to and help the poor and lost souls of Ethiopia.  Simply said, “Our success depends on your success!”

Based on you and your team’s interests, abilities and gifting, you will be partnered with a local church that best fits your team.  Your team and the local church, along with our staff, will work together to make the greatest impact possible in the lives of people during your stay in Ethiopia.

There are countless ways to minister.  Some ministry outreaches you may consider are:

  • Children & Youth Ministry – Vacation Bible School, dramas, puppets, crafts, worship, skits, games, Bible stories, speak at youth gatherings and devotionals are a few possibilities.
  • Sports Ministry – Soccer, football, baseball, basketball and volleyball are just a few ideas.  Ethiopian children are very keen on soccer (which they call football).
  • School Ministry – Aide teachers in classes, teach special subjects, hold rallies, participate in recess, tutor students, fellowship with children before & after school.
  • Service Projects – Home repairs for widows and impoverished families, digging water wells, constructing sanitary facilities, providing food & home visits to impoverished families.
  • Medical & Dental Care – Groups with medical dental staff can do physical checkups on sponsored children and their families during home visits, and maybe hold a free health clinic.
  • Construction – There is always a pressing need for people to help with construction; at our new school, with homes for the poor, and in the local churches.
  • Ministry of Helps – Pastoral care, visiting shut-ins, hospital visitation, prison ministry, ministering to pastor’s wives and otherwise assisting the pastoral staff of local churches.
  • Church Ministries – Attend and participate in church services, Sunday school classes and prayer meetings.  Perhaps the Lord would prompt you to share your testimony?
  • Evangelism – Hand out Bibles, door-to-door evangelism, street evangelism, clowning, miming, juggling, and drama.  Larger groups can hold special evangelistic crusades.
  • Adult Ministry – Parenting classes, Bible studies, topical studies, leadership training, coffee & tea socials to minister to the women, and special men’s gatherings.

These are just a few ideas of how you can effectively touch lives in Ethiopia.  I invite you to visit our website where you’ll find additional information: http://www.BlessingTheChildren.org

A special site to download files, videos, newsletters and much more can be found here:
http://www.BlessingTheChildren.org/more/ From this site you can download our Missions Booklet and Applications for individuals and for teams.  Filling out an application is the first step in setting up your trip.


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