Romans 8:28

Hey All! Just a short story for today. Sheila emailed me this last week…

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

How would the two worlds collide between an 11 year old boy from an impoverished family and the Ethiopian Director of Blessing the Children International?

It was a beautiful sunny day in Debre Zeit.  Pastor Tadesse had many things on his mind as he was fulfilling his duties as Director.  He would first have to order cement from the Concrete Shop for the School and then he would be off to Addis Ababa where he was helping to facilitate an adoption for a family in the USA.

As he drove along on his motorcycle, he was shocked to see a young boy dart out in front of him.  The boy was trying to get across the main road to go to his house.  By the time Pastor Tadesse realized what had happened the front of the motorcycle struck the boy.  Pastor
Tadesse was able to gain control of his motorcycle but by the time he stopped and returned to the young boy he was in an unconscious state.  Pastor Tadesse scooped up the boy and turned to rush him to the local medical clinic.  As God’s perfect timing would have it a fellow believer pulled up along side Tadesse and offered to take him to the medical clinic.  As they drove along, Tadesse prayed over the young boy.  The boy suddenly woke up and Tadesse asked his name.  After replying, “My name is Mekias” he again passed out.  After x-rays the Doctor suggested a trip to the hospital would be in order so there would be a medical record in case of further difficulties. After being pronounced stable Mekias was released and sent home.

That evening Pastor Tadesse went to Mekias’s home and he discovered the family of five living in poverty.  He felt that BCI could benefit the family in a positive way by helping to provide food, medical care and schooling for the three children in the family.

Pastor Tadesse believes that what was meant for evil was turned to good by God’s orchestration.  If Pastor Tadesse had not hit the boy with his motorcycle, the family would have not been introduced to the BCI program.  They would have not received the help they so desperately need.

Pastor Tadesse, Mekias, and Elyias

Pastor Tadesse, Mekias, and Elyias

Its pretty amazing to see how the Lord works things out.

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Our first post!

Hello all! Blessing the Children has finally made it to WordPress. We are excited to start posting and keeping you all updated on what’s happening with teams, sponsorships, and the school.

Miriam (our Ethiopian Director of Teams) is back in the States for a few weeks on a much deserved holiday, and is being replaced by Sheila and her daughter (our wonderful Canadian friends). It has been a busy summer with:

A big thanks to everyone who has made this summer such a success so far! We currently have a team of nine poeple in Ethiopia until early August, then things will start slowing down.

More updates later.

Signing off, Melissa