BCI Celebrates 20 Years

Have you ever embarked on a new adventure and had it turn out completely different than you expected? When BCI’s founder first traveled on a mission trip to El Salvador two decades ago, setting up a thriving program for orphaned and impoverished children in Ethiopia, Africa was most certainly not on his radar. By allowing himself to be led by God, thousands of lives have been touched and forever changed. As we celebrate BCI’s 20th anniversary this year, we look back with gratitude and forward with hope, and with respect for the responsibility of working on behalf of the children of God.

As with the rest of the world, the BCI ministry was tested in new ways during the past year. Our organization has had to adapt to the ever-evolving global crisis, which has challenged us on all fronts. We continue to follow God’s lead and trust that His plan will be done.

With the economic pinch of the pandemic, more families are struggling than ever before. Ensuring that all children on our wait list secure sponsorships is at the top of our priority list at this time. We have children who have been waiting for a year or more and also several with critical needs who God has led to our program in recent weeks, including refugees from the war in the Tigray region.

In honor of the ministry’s 20th anniversary, we are prayerfully seeking sponsorships for 20 children. There are many ways that you can help:

*Pray for the waiting children
*Send a one-time gift to help a child
*Sponsor a child
*Share this newsletter with a friend
*Talk about BCI with those in your circle
*Share BCI’s social media posts on your accounts
*Speak with your church about sponsoring a child
*Co-sponsor a child with a group of family or friends
*Co-sponsor a child with your Bible study group

We feel gratitude for your ongoing support for the precious and vulnerable children of Ethiopia, and we invite you to learn about some of our waiting children, whose stories are included in this newsletter. Please pray for each child to find a sponsorship match.