Teach to Reach Ethiopia

Are you a teacher, professor, ESL instructor, coach, artist, athlete, musician, or someone who has a heart for children? If so, we want to partner with you for an unforgettable trip this summer!

Teach to Reach Ethiopia is an educational summer camp that combines fun and learning for orphaned and impoverished children in eastern Africa. We need people with big hearts to lead the classes and activities for the children. We will customize the camp to use the skills and talents of our team of volunteer educators.

International experience and formal teacher training is not required. If you are comfortable working with children and teaching anything from core subjects to English as a second language to arts, crafts, sports, music, cooking, leadership, or anything in between, there is a place for you on our team.

Team members may choose a 2-week (July 1-15 or July 16-30) or 4-week (July 1-30) option. The cost for the trip is $3,395 USD for 2 weeks and $3,985 USD for 4 weeks. Fee includes round trip airfare from an international airport in a major US city, meals and accommodations, local transport and translators.

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Inquiries: Missions@BlessingtheChildren.org


Esrael Yirga: Medical Professional

Young Esrael

Esrael Yirga is a 23-year-old young woman who radiates light. She grew up with her mother and younger brother and sister in a two-room hut, sleeping all four to the same bed. Esrael became part of the BCI sponsorship program more than a decade ago. She has a beautiful singing voice, a bright mind, and compassion in her heart. In 2017, Esrael was thrilled to become one of the first students from BCI to attend university. She has taken full advantage of her time at school and has put in many hours studying to advance her education. In late January, Esrael graduated from Hawassa University as a Lab Technician. Her grade point average was an impressive 3.49.

Esrael is currently studying for the exam that will allow her to join the workforce in her field of study. She has aspirations to return to school in the future to advance her education in medicine. When we sat down with Esrael to talk about her experience with the BCI sponsorship program, she expressed overwhelming gratitude for the sponsors and social workers who gave so much to help her in life.

“Thank you (to) those people who were with me – my sponsors, who devoted their time and their money to support this organization, to support us.

My social workers…they’ve given their lives. I have no words for them. No one could do what they have done in their life. Not even I will dare to do it. They were there to teach us, lead us, not just provide (for) us. They were there to counsel us. They mean too much (to) us, especially Goldy, because she has been my social worker from the beginning and I’m very thankful for her. God bless you, Goldy, I love you so much. Thank you so much. You are the one I will never forget in my life.”

Esrael Yirga, 2022

Gifted Child Lost Sponsor

We have previously introduced you to 8-year-old Kalkidan Kasahun, one of our rising academic stars. Kalkidan has consistently placed at the top of her class throughout her schooling. You may recall that we recently rewarded her with a special dinner at a restaurant for her efforts.

Gifted child in Ethiopia, Africa needs sponsorship
Kalkidan Kasahun, age 8

Kalkidan has just lost her sponsor and is back on our waiting list. We are urgently seeking sponsorship to ensure that this bright young girl stays on track academically.

Kalkidan lives with her mother and 17-year-old brother. Her mother cannot work due to chronic illness, and her brother suffers from epilepsy, which keeps him out of school. The family lives in a one-room home. Kalkidan helps by administering medicine to her mother and performing chores at home. She is working toward a goal of joining the medical professions one day.

Kalkidan possesses the intellect and work ethic needed to excel. Her future is limited only by her circumstances. With a little help, we know she will soar. Please reach out to us if you would like to become Kalkidan’s sponsor.