International Pen Pals

Grandpa and Claire

A couple of months ago, a longtime sponsor approached us with a novel idea. His granddaughter, Claire, saw a  copy of the BCI Post at his home and noticed a photo of one of our young girls who needed sponsorship. He decided that he would sponsor the child to facilitate a pen pal relationship between the child and his granddaughter. She eagerly penned her first letter, using every color of the rainbow to introduce herself. She enclosed a couple of photos of herself, which her new friend in Ethiopia excitedly brought to school to show her classmates.

After receiving a recent photo from her pen pal, Claire committed the ultimate act of generosity for a young girl – she decided to send her pen pal her favorite teddy bear. She also sent a doll, hygiene products, photos and a letter. What an enriching experience to learn at such a tender age how to give so freely.

We would be honored to help a special child in your life establish a pen pal relationship with one of our precious children.

Meet the Children:

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