No Excuse for Dishonesty

If you can imagine being a young child in Ethiopia and watching mom or dad or grandma struggle to put food on the table, you can imagine the temptation to pocket the money you found on the school playground one morning. That is the temptation faced by four young students at the BCI Academy recently, and all four passed the test of honesty with flying colors. When the girls encountered some lost money on the school grounds, they immediately reported it to a staff member. The staff member was so pleased with their honesty that he brought them up in front of the entire school body for public recognition. The BCI Academy doesn’t just educate, it instills values and character. It is a good lesson for everyone – there is no excuse for dishonesty!

BCI Academy Keeps Growing

We strive for “Excellence in Everything”

KG students at the BCI Academy are now learning in brand new classrooms. We recently finished construction of a new KG building, which has meant that our 160 KG students have more space to learn. Our previous building served us well but we have outgrown it. The new building has five classrooms and is well-lit and painted with vibrant colors. It is a welcoming learning environment that will allow us to further improve the educational experience for our KG students.

KG is a combination of preschool and kindergarten age groups and serves children from approximately the ages of 3 to 6. The former two-classroom building is being used as a daycare, which is especially helpful for teachers and staff who have young children. The BCI Academy continues to improve and grow!