All Grown Up

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Menase Alebachew to the BCI Academy Bethlehem campus staff. Menase was in our sponsorship program for a number of years along with his brother, Efrem. He recently graduated from Rift Valley University with a degree in accounting.

A few years ago, Menase and Efrem’s father started a taxi business and after some time was able to support his family, so asked to step away from the program so that a family with greater need could take their place. Menase and Efrem are grateful to their sponsors for the help received along the way. Menase is the campus store manager and is responsible for inventory, donations, distribution, and accountability. Welcome back, Menase!

Medical Clinic in Progress

In Ethiopia, there is a pervasive lack of knowledge regarding simple to treat medical conditions, which results in a great deal of unnecessary suffering. In November, a local pastor was in a bajaj (vehicular) accident. He underwent successful surgery to place pins in his leg, but later suffered severe infection due to lack of proper wound care. A visiting missionary put him on the path to recovery by simply cleaning and dressing the wound daily for 10 days.

Tractor digs dirt in a ground breaking for a medical center on the campus of the BCI Academy in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia.
Medical Center Ground Breaking

In recent years, we have felt increasingly called to improve the healthcare opportunities for our children, their families, and the local community. God has answered our prayers in a big way and we’re so excited to share news with you that we are building a medical clinic on the grounds of the Bethlehem Campus of the BCI Academy.

The clinic will allow low and middle income families will have access to education, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of health conditions, with referral to advanced facilities when needed. Our students will be able to shadow and learn from medical professionals, and apply to work at the center upon graduation from medical school. Medical missionaries will have resources at their disposal to serve the ministry. The clinic will be financially self-sustaining once in use.

Brick walls in progress for the medical center on the campus of the BCI Academy in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia.
Build in Progress

There are many opportunities to become involved in this historic ministry project. Current needs include:

$2,000 USD to finish water and electrical installation

$20,000 to finish the floors, walls and ceilings with easy to clean surfaces

$5,000 each for dialysis and x-ray machines (high quality, used condition)

Any amount to help with the purchase of lab tools, centrifuge microscope, and specialized equipment.

Please reach out if you’d like to get involved.

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