Securing the Future

When we meet a child who has no food in their home and has never attended school, the priorities are clear. Immediate interventions ensure that the child’s vital needs are met. Once the child is in a safe situation, it’s imperative that we begin thinking beyond the immediate. It is our goal that each child graduates from our program equipped for a self-sustaining future.

Recently, we have taken an important step toward securing the financial future of our children by opening a bank account in each child’s name and depositing 100 birr in starter funds. We are educating the children on financial matters and encouraging their guardians to begin investing for their future needs. In a culture of day-to-day living, this is a significant event. Importantly, no one can withdraw funds from the accounts except the child, and the children can only access the funds after they reach the age of 18. This safeguard will keep the funds protected until the children begin their adult lives.

An added benefit of the bank accounts is that we are able to leverage the accounts to reward hard work and academic achievements. Already, top finishers for the 2020-21 school year were provided with deposits into their accounts in recognition of their efforts and success. We believe this incentive will result in improved academic performance as the students strive to earn rewards. The accounts can also be used to recognize important events such as birthdays and passing national exam scores.

If you would like to help your sponsored child or any child secure their future, you can make a gift at any time to help their seed money grow!