Education in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the education pipeline is broken up into several blocks of academic years, with mandatory exams – often referred to as National Exams – at various points. These exams are required in order to pass on to the next level.

Students enter grade 1 at age 7, and two 4-year blocks of elementary education make up the mandatory education. After completing grade 8, students take a National Exam prior to progressing to the first cycle of secondary education. Students again take a National Exam at the conclusion of grade 10. Those who score highly are able to proceed to “secondary preparatory”, which is the path to University. Those not meeting the minimum score for preparatory education are able to proceed to TVET where they train for several years to learn a trade skill.

The government provides students with an academic path in University based on results of their grade 12 national exam. Students may choose an alternative career path by supporting themselves through University.

BCI Launches New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website. The site has a modern look and is easy to navigate on smart phones, tablets, and personal computers. New features include:

  • Browse and support urgent needs
  • Learn about ongoing projects
  • Send a birthday party to your child

To navigate the site on a personal computer, click on a link in the top menu bar or on the bottom left hand side of the page. When viewing on a smart device, these options will be collapsed into three lines called a hamburger icon. Clicking on the icon will bring up a list of links to choose from. Return to the home page at any time by clicking our logo in the top left hand corner.

Our new look will help you to learn about our ministry and ways to support the children. The information is up to date and plentiful. There are pictures galore on the site – you may even spot your sponsored child. We invite you to share our new site with your friends, co-workers and family!