The Power of One

Imagine you’ve spent your last dollar. There is no savings in the bank. No assets to sell. You’re now out of work and your cupboards are bare. You’re hungry, and your neighbors, friends and family are unable to help you because they are facing the same dire situation. Your very survival is at stake.

At the height of your despair, someone comes along and stocks your cupboards with enough food to last you for months. There may be millions of people around the world in the same situation as you, but you’re not a statistic. You are a real person with hunger and heartache and you’ve been handed a life preserver, maybe by someone from halfway around the world whom you’ll never meet on earth. You most certainly would not be feeling like their help was insignificant.

When we look around the world, especially during the unprecedented crisis we are currently facing, we can feel so small and powerless. Our actions can seem insufficient when an entire world is hurting, but we must not lose sight of just how significant it is to make any sort of impact, no matter the size, to ease the suffering of others.
A short time ago, we were faced with 42 families in acute hunger crisis and 200 children out of school and highly vulnerable to the global pandemic. The needs certainly felt overwhelming, but God is good – ALL the time. When we gave the circumstances to Him, He led our donor family to unite, and the actions of many individuals joined together to cover food support for each and every one of our 42 families, protecting entire households from hunger for the duration of the summer.

City officials from Debre Zeyit were present for the distribution of the food support, which took place June 9th and included 220 pounds of food per family. The city officials gave a speech expressing their gratitude for the impact of the ministry’s food support distribution, and shared important health advice.

Discouragement has been rampant in the community, but the gift of food support has given the families a sense of security and restored a feeling of hopefulness about the future. We are grateful for each and every person who made this possible, and for those holding the ministry up in prayer.

Praise Report: New Glasses for Abi

sponsored-child-in-ethiopia-with-new-glassesLife in rural Ethiopia is hard enough. In addition to the daily challenges of survival, some of our children are burdened with health conditions, and appropriate healthcare is neither readily accessible nor affordable.

Abi Sisay is a 12-year-old boy who lives with his mom and three siblings. Abi suffers from a painful eye condition that is unfortunately degenerative. On a recent visit to an eye specialist he was told that he needs special glasses as well as follow up visits with the eye specialist every two months.

We are thankful to report that in addition to the life-sustaining support he receives from his monthly sponsors, Abi has received a donation to purchase new glasses to help address his condition.

Thanks to his new glasses, Abi is ready to start the school year. When he is older he would like to become a doctor so that he can help others in the same way he has been helped.



Parents’ Day at BCI Academy

students-in-debre-zeyit-ethiopia-graduate-from-kindergarten-at-bci-academyStudents at BCI Academy recently marked the end of the school year with a Parents’ Day celebration.  Our kindergarten graduates wore caps and gowns and shared poems expressing their feelings about BCI.  They enjoyed performing a song for their parents and showed excitement at their achievement.

Principal Mulugeta gave a speech to the crowd highlighting the accomplishments of the students.  He also recognized exemplary teachers and parents.

It takes cooperation from the parents, students, and staff, as well as support from our sponsorship family to help the students progress and fulfill their potential.  Parents’ Day was a special time for all to celebrate the outcome of their hard work.

Congratulations to all of our students as they move on to the next chapter of their education!

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” – George Washington Carver


Parents’ Day Celebration at BCI Academy

A Splash of Color

When you think of colors, what pops into your mind?  Joseph’s coat of many colors, quilts, kaleidoscopes, rainbows, fall leaves?  God has given us such an amazing range of colors with varying hues and shades. There is no limit to what can be done with the right color combinations.

Think about all the ways that color enhances your life. Could you imagine how drab life would be without color? Now imagine how boring learning would be without color. Just as color enhances our everyday life, how much more can it add excitement to learning?!

This is why Blessing the Children is seeking out people who would be willing to help us add a splash of color and dash of excitement for the children at the BCI Academy in Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia by donating for dry erase markers.  We would love to be able to share many colors with the teachers to enhance the learning process of our children in grades Preschool – 8.

This may seem like such a simple need,  a small need. But when you take into account the high cost of dry erase markers (around $1/marker) and the amount used for an entire school, this adds up to around $720/year spent on dry erase markers alone.

We have an amazing opportunity right now because representatives from the Blessing the Children U.S., Canadian and Australian offices will be traveling to Ethiopia November 1st so if we can collect a full year’s supply of dry erase markers, we can save on shipping costs to Ethiopia by sending the markers direct! Can we fundraise 720 markers in two weeks!?

Would you consider making a donation whether it be monetary, sending a package of markers to one of the offices or even ordering them online (,, etc.) and having them sent to one of the offices?

It seems so simple but a single package of dry erase markers can bring excitement to a classroom for weeks! Would you consider sending a splash of color to Ethiopia?

Our first post!

Hello all! Blessing the Children has finally made it to WordPress. We are excited to start posting and keeping you all updated on what’s happening with teams, sponsorships, and the school.

Miriam (our Ethiopian Director of Teams) is back in the States for a few weeks on a much deserved holiday, and is being replaced by Sheila and her daughter (our wonderful Canadian friends). It has been a busy summer with:

A big thanks to everyone who has made this summer such a success so far! We currently have a team of nine poeple in Ethiopia until early August, then things will start slowing down.

More updates later.

Signing off, Melissa