Stitching Together a Brighter Future

Last month, we introduced you to 5-year-old Tamrat Mulugeta, a lovely boy with an electric smile. Tamrat was abandoned by his father at the age of 1 due to his father’s addiction to drugs and alcohol. He currently lives with his mother, Bizuayehu.

During a recent mission trip, a missionary saw potential in Bizuayehu and took time to help her learn a new skill – professional sewing. Bizuayehu had some limited knowledge of sewing due to a previous job she held at a factory. The missionary helped her further advance her skills, and this has turned into a full-time job working for the ministry.

Bizuayehu and Tamrat

Bizuayehu now sews uniforms for the teachers and janitorial staff. She also sews mattress covers. She has been given an office on the Bethlehem campus of the BCI Academy, and can often be found there helping Tamrat rehearse his ABC’s while she works.

This is the start of a new way for mothers to earn an income to support their families, and a way for the ministry to produce a needed product in-house, which has cost-saving and quality control benefits. The missionary who started this project will soon return to Ethiopia to train more mothers and help expand the project. We hope to someday be able to make the school uniforms in-house, as they’re currently difficult to source.

Praise God for His provision for this new project.

New Uniforms for the Janitorial Staff

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