Called to Send

Some feel called to go to Ethiopia and experience the beautiful country and culture firsthand. They feel God nudging them to immerse themselves on the front lines of the ministry by going and doing. They are eager to walk side by side with the children, bear witness to their struggles and offer their physical presence to be used for God’s glory.

For others, their hearts are in Ethiopia, but circumstances don’t allow them to make the trip. If this sounds like you, we would like to share with you an opportunity to be a part of missions work without leaving your home.

Missionary Tim with Mekdelawit and Daremyelesh

We invite you to consider that God may be calling you to help send a missionary. You can make it possible for someone who has the right circumstances but lacks resources to make the trip. Think of yourself as the behind the scenes crew facilitating God’s work on the ground in Ethiopia.

We have a goal of offering a scholarship opportunity for our Teach to Reach program for July 2023 and we would love to send a missionary in your honor. A donation in any amount will help defray the cost for a missionary eager travel to Ethiopia to do God’s work. We’ll be sure to report back to you so that you can see how your support is making an impact on the ground.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please get in touch to partner with us in supporting a missionary.


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