Scholarship Opportunity

We are excited to announce a scholarship opportunity to join our 2023 Teach to Reach program. We welcome anyone with a heart for teaching children to join us in beautiful Ethiopia next July. Teach to Reach is an educational summer camp that combines fun and learning. We will customize the camp to use the skills and talents of our team of volunteer educators.

Team members may choose a 2-week option (July 1-15 or July 16-30) for $3,395 USD or 4-week option (July 1-30) for $3,985 USD. This fee includes round trip airfare from an international airport in a major US city as well as meals, local transportation, translators and guest house accommodations while in Ethiopia. One missionary will be chosen to receive a scholarship covering 50% of their trip fees. How to apply:

  1. Submit your mission trip application and $40 application fee
  2. Write a one-page response to the following questions:
    a. What inspired you to take this trip?
    b. What skills / talents / passion / knowledge do you hope to use during your trip?
    c. What personal experience can you leverage?

Requirements must be met by December 31st, 2022. Information:


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