Summer Camp Success

The children in our program are smart, talented and full of possibility. Their unstable home lives and broken family situations mean that they need special care and investment in their mental, spiritual and physical health to reach their potential.

This summer, we gave 81 students an opportunity to participate in a camp experience at the BCI Academy. The participating students were in grades 6 through 12. The students were sub-divided into three groups based on their ages and grade levels. Each group attended camp twice weekly for several weeks.

Breakfast Time

The purpose of the camp was to empower the children in a number of areas. They were trained on self-awareness, improving their academic performance, planning for the future, developing vision and goal setting. The training was divided into sections based on topics, with involvement from a number of teachers working together to integrate learning with fun and games.

The day started by sharing a meal together. The students were given classroom instruction and then participated in hands-on experiences to reinforce their learning.

Fun Learning Activities

We’re looking to build on the success of this camp with our Teach to Reach program in July 2023. Learn how you can get involved:

Unit on Self-Awareness

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