Blessings are Flowing

Drilling of water well on the BCI Academy – Bethlehem Campus

Clean, safe drinking water is on its way to the BCI Academy! It has been nearly four years since we expanded the school to include a second campus, and our newest campus has been in dire need of a water well throughout this time. The school is located in an area that suffers from chronic water shortages.

This infrastructure need reached fever pitch in 2020, when sanitation came to the forefront as a result of the pandemic. Our donor family rallied together to make it possible for us to take on this infrastructure project, even during the toughest of financial times.

The children loved taking part in our fundraising efforts by lacing up their sneakers and participating in the Wooha (water) Run. Local police blocked off the streets so they could run freely and complete their course. The mayor stopped by to recognize the efforts of the children and ministry in bringing this project to life.

2020 Wooha Run

The well will provide consistent access to clean water for nearly 2,000 students, staff and teachers as well as local community members, with whom we intend to share this blessing. We’re thrilled to report that drilling has begun on this project and the well is expected to be completed within a matter of weeks. Blessings are flowing even in difficult times. Praise God!

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