New Equipment for Ethiopian Office

office-staff-at-blessing-the-children-international-ethiopia-uses-donated-computerAlthough a job well done is its own reward, it is certainly a joyous occasion to receive recognition. The Ethiopian government appreciates the efforts of our organization and has recently provided our Ethiopian office with equipment to support our continued mission. We received over 50 items, including a computer, photo copy machine, color printer, camera, and bookshelves. In addition, we received two motorcycles to improve our transportation.

Even though this was a donation from the government, some money had to be put down in order to claim the items. We are thankful to our friends at Blessing the Children Canada – Inc. for stepping in and facilitating this government of Ethiopia knows that we are doing great work for the children and families in Debre Zeyit, and we know that this is thanks to our donor family. What a great example of a global community joining together to create change!

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