Praise Report :: Get Up & Walk!

God works in many different ways. We can always see His powerful hand in action. Yet the amazing thing about the way that God works is not his ability to do things but it is the fact that he chooses to work through us, even though all of our faults and failures. In the past God used people to perform miracles and wonders. And as one family witnessed today, that same God is still working through His people.

Abel & his family.

Abel & his family.

This story is about Abel Hagos, a three year old boy who lives with his mother and two of his sisters in a tiny rented house. Just like any other three year old boy, Abel is very energetic and loves to play games and laugh. But this is where Abel’s similarity to other three year old’s ends. Abel has been diagnosed with Rickets, which is described as a softening of the bones predominantly caused by Vitamin D deficiency, potentially leading to fractures and deformity. Rickets is also among the most frequent childhood diseases in many developing countries. Because of this disease, Abel has never been able to walk, even though his twin sister is able to.

This disease has been heartbreaking for Abel’s mother because children are meant to grow and develop, to have their first steps. But those first steps have never come for Abel. Abel’s mother, as much as she would have loved to see her only son walk, had very little resources to find a solution for her son’s disease. However, as any loving mother would do, she spent all that she had on treatments, although none of them had any effect. But what is impossible for men is always possible for God. One person believed just that; that God can provide for little Abel. That person is Tigist; a BCI social worker who knew Abel and his family for quite a while.

In the meantime, out of millions of orphaned and needy children in the world, one family in the United States wanted to sponsor a child specifically under Blessing the Children in the small town of Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia. Amazingly enough, the sponsor requested a boy who is 3-4 years old.

When Tigist heard about such an opportunity she knew that God had prepared it for Abel. It was God’s divine plan to work through that specific family to bring happiness and a solution to Abel and his family who had felt hopeless for so long.

Since then Abel has joined the BCI family and has begun receiving support. He has seen the best doctors in Ethiopia and his MRI shows perfect spine and legs. The only thing that he needed was vitamins and minerals and God provided those through his sponsor, who not only provides his monthly support but has also generously supplied additional vitamins.

Abel & his mother, receiving vitamins.

Abel & his mother, receiving vitamins.

In addition to the vitamins, which need to be refrigerated, God has provided for Abel through a BCI missionary who bought a refrigerator for the family. The missionary also purchased a month’s supply of nutritious food for little Abel.
Currently Abel is getting stronger by the day and we believe he will be walking soon, much to the joy of his mother. We praise God for what he has done for this family. Indeed God can work in many different ways. He can use simple words like “Get up and walk!” or he can use good Samaritans like Abel’s sponsor and BCI missionaries. He can always make a way.

Abel, his family & their new refrigerator,

Abel, his family & their new refrigerator.

Abel's mother receiving additional food support.

Abel’s mother receiving additional food support.


Abel & his mother.

Abel & his mother.


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