July Feature Child: Solomon Endeshaw

Solomon Endeshaw

Solomon Endeshaw

Solomon Endeshaw is a 9 year old boy that has enough energy for five little boys.  He is very curious so that makes him even more active.  He wants to know how everything works, why things are a certain way, and if he can play with it.  Solomon doesn’t know much English but he is great at miming his questions when he speaks to missionaries.

Solomon’s dad died a few years ago and he left behind land that was Solomon’s inheritance.  But the extended family chased Solomon, his mother, and his siblings out of town because they wanted the land for themselves.  Solomon’s mother is very sick so she could not fight the family for Solomon’s inheritance.

Solomon has two little brothers, Tekalign and Alemayehu, and a little sister, Sitota.  All four children are in the BCI sponsorship program but their family is still struggling.  Tigist, Solomon’s mother, has HIV and is regularly sick with TB.  She is too weak to do any kind of work.  Taking care of her children is the only work she is able to do.

Solomon loves to play soccer with his brothers and neighbors.  The family lives in government apartments so he has many neighbors to play with, which is good because he has the energy to burn!!  When Solomon and his brothers are in the house you can often find them sitting on the bed playing and giggling.  Solomon loves his brothers very much.  He is still not sure about his little sister, though.  He helps his mom care for her but he says that she doesn’t do anything!

This precious family solely relies on BCI to survive.  They have no family that helps them.  The family receives the basic grain support from BCI and the baby gets milk from BCI but they need more.  Solomon currently is only being sponsored at $30 a month.  A full BCI sponsorship is $90 a month.  Even though Solomon is in the BCI program with one sponsor, two more sponsors need to be found so BCI can increase his level of care.

Please visit www.blessingthechildren.org for more information on how to sponsor Solomon.  Sponsors are able to communicate with their sponsored children so you have the wonderful opportunity of getting to know this sweet child and to have a hand in his care.

Solomon & his family

Solomon & his family

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