The Power of One

Imagine you’ve spent your last dollar. There is no savings in the bank. No assets to sell. You’re now out of work and your cupboards are bare. You’re hungry, and your neighbors, friends and family are unable to help you because they are facing the same dire situation. Your very survival is at stake.

At the height of your despair, someone comes along and stocks your cupboards with enough food to last you for months. There may be millions of people around the world in the same situation as you, but you’re not a statistic. You are a real person with hunger and heartache and you’ve been handed a life preserver, maybe by someone from halfway around the world whom you’ll never meet on earth. You most certainly would not be feeling like their help was insignificant.

When we look around the world, especially during the unprecedented crisis we are currently facing, we can feel so small and powerless. Our actions can seem insufficient when an entire world is hurting, but we must not lose sight of just how significant it is to make any sort of impact, no matter the size, to ease the suffering of others.
A short time ago, we were faced with 42 families in acute hunger crisis and 200 children out of school and highly vulnerable to the global pandemic. The needs certainly felt overwhelming, but God is good – ALL the time. When we gave the circumstances to Him, He led our donor family to unite, and the actions of many individuals joined together to cover food support for each and every one of our 42 families, protecting entire households from hunger for the duration of the summer.

City officials from Debre Zeyit were present for the distribution of the food support, which took place June 9th and included 220 pounds of food per family. The city officials gave a speech expressing their gratitude for the impact of the ministry’s food support distribution, and shared important health advice.

Discouragement has been rampant in the community, but the gift of food support has given the families a sense of security and restored a feeling of hopefulness about the future. We are grateful for each and every person who made this possible, and for those holding the ministry up in prayer.

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