Inspiring Teens: Eayasu Wondimu

Eayasu Wondimu is an 18-year old grade 12 student who has been in the BCI program for more than 10 years. Eayasu lives with his mother, aunt and cousin and enjoys spending time with his best friends, Bemnet and Tewodros, who are both in the BCI program. The three friends attend church together and enjoy discussing Bible verses and visiting recreational areas.

Eayasu has some musical abilities, and he can often be found writing and singing his own songs. He feels that singing is one of his callings and he would like to pursue singing professionally in the future. Academically, Eayasu’s favorite subject is economics. He aspires to become a successful businessman and use his earnings to create an organization that is concerned with the welfare of youth.

Eayasu is involved in the local youth community and spends time with youth whom many consider to be “bad kids” in order to try to bring them to Jesus. Even though he knows in his heart he is doing the right thing, his life is made difficult because of his choice to associate with these youth. This makes his social life especially challenging. We commend Eayasu for his strong character. He is a testament to the impact of sponsorship and an education at the BCI Academy.

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