Trip of a Lifetime

Teyent Asrat is a 21-year-old university student who lives with his mother and sister. His father died from tuberculosis when Teyent was just a baby. After awaiting sponsorship for many years, he now has support to help him attend a local university where he is developing his musical talents. Teyent recently had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel on a study abroad trip to Madagascar. His university covered all of the expenses to travel to Madagascar for 10 days and attend music camp. Many young Ethiopians have never ridden in a car, let alone on an airplane. Teyent could not have dreamed of such an opportunity on his own. It’s so exciting to see the unique stories God is weaving in the lives of our children as they grow up. Teyent’s gifts have already taken him beyond Ethiopia’s borders to explore the world. We look forward to seeing where his musical talents will take him in the future.

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