Melkam Gena

With Ethiopian Christmas right around the corner on January 7th, we feel so joyful to know that 58 of our children are receiving special gifts this year. The blessings include outfits for 30 children, where needed most gifts for 24 children, extra grain support, help for a disabled child, beds, undergarments and sanitary products. In western culture, we sometimes tease our children with the threat of getting socks and underwear for Christmas, but this is earnestly the gift that our Ethiopian children want and need. The contrast always provides an opportunity to be thankful for the abundance of blessings in our own lives and for the chance to make a big impact with such a small gesture. Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us this year to spread some Christmas cheer. Please join us in wishing Melkam Gena to our Ethiopian family!



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