Meron Fikadu Update

We first introduced you to 8-year-old Meron Fikadu in 2014. Meron’s situation was a desperate one. She lived in the red light district of Debre Zeyit, a street full of bars and brothels. Her mother was a drug addict who worked as a prostitute in a bar. Because of this lifestyle, she was unable to care for Meron and gave her daughter up. Meron was taken in by a guardian.

A church in the States heard this sad story and generously offered to support the mother to enable her to leave her job and reunite with Meron. The two moved into a clean, furnished home and began rebuilding their relationship.

Meron with her Mother in 2017

Tragedy struck this summer when on July 15th, Meron’s mother passed away after a lengthy illness. There is no guardian to care for Meron at this time so BCI stepped in and placed her in a foster home with several other full orphans. She will continue to receive support from her sponsors and will have a community around her in the other teens she will live with at the foster home, including her best friend, Haben.

Please join us in praying for Meron as she adjust to this next chapter in her life.

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