English Club

In Ethiopia, some people speak English, but most do not speak the language fluently or with correct pronunciation. At the BCI Academy, we encourage our children to speak English and we do our best to make sure their English is correct.

State policy in Ethiopia mandates that all subjects be taught in the local language of Amharic until 9th grade. The exception is English and Afan Oromo – another local language. Beginning in 9th grade, all subjects are taught in English, with the exception of Amharic and Afan Oromo.

We believe in challenging our students to excellence, so we created the English Club to help our students excel in the language. We take the top two students from each grade along with three invited guests, for a total of 19 students. These students do not speak perfect English, but they are the ones who speak better than most.

The students engage in activities designed to promote teamwork and challenge their English skills. We do this with competitions and fun brain games. The purpose of the activities is to show appreciation for the student’s achievements and to encourage others to do the same. The older students are able to practice leadership, while the younger students gain role models.

In November, the English Club had a special opportunity to work with someone who speaks the English language perfectly – our BCI President. It was a privilege for the students involved to have this time with a native English speaker, and they enjoyed the opportunity to develop their skills.


Students Problem Solving as a Team


Children From Several Grades Working Together


Venturing Outside for Group Activity


Prayer Circle before Team Building Activity


Building Skills at English Club

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