Activity Day: The Prodigal Son

At BCI, we feel that our children, staff, and donors are one big family where everyone has an important role.  By working together, we are creating real change. We don’t think that we can operate like a family without having a relationship with one another. Not all of our children attend the same school, and they don’t all live side by side. They benefit greatly from having opportunities to socialize as a group, and we feel that it is our responsibility to provide these opportunities. We sponsor activity days for this purpose.

Activity days are typically held on Saturday’s. We bring all of the children in our program together on the BCI Academy grounds. There is always an educational component along with social bonding activities, and the children share a meal together.

At our most recent activity day, the children were shown a movie about the Prodigal Son. Our staff chose this movie to remind the children how much God loves us all, and that we exist because of His infinite love. We know that as they grow, our children will all be responsible for making important decisions in their lives. We want to provide them with as much information as possible and hope they will make good choices.


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