Our Resourceful Staff


We are blessed to have a wonderful staff in Ethiopia committed to helping us live out our mission. Our staff members are skilled at maximizing all of their resources. It is their passion for fulfilling the BCI mission that drives them to do this. Those who have traveled to Debre Zeyit on a mission trip or internship have witnessed this first hand.

An excellent example of their skill was recently on display when they took on the task of hand making new desks for our kindergarten students. The existing desk chairs were starting to break, and the older kindergarten students were outgrowing them. Rather than purchase new desks, which would have been expensive and not exactly according to the student needs, our staff made new, custom desks in our workshop.

Making our own desks saved money and the desks take up less room in the school, allowing more space for the students to move freely. Each desk is able to hold three children, and the new desks are comfortable.

We love to hear these stories of our staff making wise choices and stretching our resources. Not only does this help us do the most good possible, we also believe they are a great example to the children at BCI Academy.

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