God’s Perfect Timing: A Missionary’s Perspective

Fandesha.  Amharic for “popcorn.”

But the translator’s animated explanation revealed the word encapsulates so much more.  It speaks of excitement – as in the moment a kernel of corn bursts open into an edible white cloud.

It’s like the plane where complete surrender to God meets the opportunity to use the gifts He bestows, and put His love into action, cracking the gates of your heart and swinging them wide open. ethiopian-child-and-mother-offer-popcorn-and-coffee-to-a-missionary-during-a-home-visit

An unlikely tribe of twelve eager travelers.  Tickets in hand, they have no idea the adventures that lie ahead –

The meaningful conversations that will erupt from a simple “can I sit here?”

The friendships that will evolve and deepen.

The uncomfortable situations they’ll be forced to navigate.

The heartaches witnessed.

The genuine laughs they’ll share.

The knee-weakening prayers they’ll experience.

The nights they’ll lie in bed giddily awake, staring at the ceiling with a caffeine buzz from coffee so world-altering they won’t even miss the slumber.

missionary-smiles-as-young-boy-in-ethiopia-blows-bubbles          beautiful-textiles-made-by-ethiopian-women


The moment a mom of four from Marana, Arizona realized those dreams, goals, and God-given desires she believed to be dead and buried due to circumstance and lacking faith and confidence had really just been planted and were waiting – for her growing season.

Submitted by Stacy Clinkingbeard, member of the Vision Church missions team from Tuscon, Arizona

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