Eighth Grade Students Take National Exam

students-in-debre-zeyit-ethiopia-take-eighth-grade-national-exam-at-blessing-the-children-international-academyEighth grade students at BCI Academy are anxiously awaiting the results of their National Examination.  This testing took place over three days, from June 8th-10th, and is government mandated for all eighth grade students.

The exam represents the culmination of their primary education (grades 1-8). Students are evaluated on their knowledge of eighth grade material as well as information from previous years.  The exam is prepared by the National government and all students in the country receive the same questions.

Our students have been busy preparing for the exam throughout the school year.  We are thankful for our wonderful teachers who have provided them with the best education possible in order students-in-debre-zeyit-ethiopia-take-eighth-grade-national-exam-at-blessing-the-children-international-academyto help them pass and advance to the ninth grade. Those who successfully pass the exam will progress to secondary education, while students who are unsuccessful must repeat eighth grade and take the exam once again.

We prayerfully await the results of the exam, which are expected to arrive soon.


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