A Delicious Field Trip


Through the support of our sponsors we are able to provide the children of BCI Academy with an education that gives them a great foundation for the future.  We also take advantage of additional opportunities to broaden their learning experiences whenever possible.  When Parle Products Ltd. extended an invitation for local schools to tour their new facility, BCIA was the first to step up and accept.parle-products-ltd-sign

All grade levels participated in this field trip, which took place over two days.  Our students traveled three miles to the neighboring city of Dukem to visit the Parle factory.  Parle manufactures various snacks and biscuits and sells them to customers worldwide.  Students watched an animated video and learned about how to have discipline and eat nutritious foods.  This is great information that they do not receive at home.students-in-ethiopia-take-field-trip

The nutrition lesson was followed by a trip to the factory where the students were able to see the biscuits being molded and packaged.  They watched production from a safe viewing area in order to maintain sanitation in the factory.

This field trip provided a unique opportunity for the students to see firsthand how a global company operates.  At the conclusion of the tour, students enjoyed sampling the delicious biscuits and taking photos with the factory manager.  They had a fun experience while learning about nutrition and manufacturing.


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