Reward for a Job Well Done

two-happy-girls-smile-next-to-animal-display-at-national-museum-of-ethiopiaThe students of BCI Academy have been working hard in the classroom all semester learning math skills, science, and other subjects.  In order to reward their efforts, we arranged a field trip at the end of their midterms.  The children were able to learn the important lesson that hard work leads to opportunities.

Students in grades five through eight who scored a “B” or higher were invited to participate in a field trip to the National Museum of Ethiopia.  The museum is the largest in the nation and is located near Abbis Ababa University’s graduate school.  It houses artistic treasures as well as many precious archeological finds, including fossilized remains.two-young-girls-take-notes-inside-national-museum-of-ethiopia

The students soaked up the new information and took notes to help them remember what they learned.  They enjoyed seeing all of the displays and having an up close look at important artifacts from history.


Our educators work very hard in order to ensure that each child at BCI Academy receives the best education possible.  The students play an important role in their education and must contribute to learning and growth by applying themselves in their studies.  Our educators enjoyed providing them with a reward for their hard work that was both educational and fascinating.

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