Urgent Need for Safe Housing


Ferehiwot Sisay is a bright young girl who lives on the outskirts of Debre Zeyit. She loves her family and enjoys looking after her brothers and helping her mom cook.  But despite her take-charge attitude and cheerful smile, Ferehiwot’s home situation is deteriorating.

Before BCI and her social worker stepped in, Ferehiwot’s family lived in a very small, one-room house with only one bed.  All cooking and playing had to be done outside. When BCI found Ferehiwot, the families need was so great that we accepted Ferehiwot and both of her brothers (Abiy and Emmanuel) into the program. In order to improve their condition, BCI helped the family find a larger home for less rent. While the home was an improvement from their previous one, the children are now far from the town and school, and the home is in poor condition. Ferehiwot’s mother is unable to afford beds to sleep in, a table to eat at, chairs to relax in, a desk for studying, or any other household needs. The family has very little income to improve their condition and Ferehiwot also suffers from an ongoing illness that requires medical treatment.



Ferehiwot and her family are in desperate need of additional support.  Living so far outside of town makes it difficult for Ferehiwot to get into town for school, church, and whatever errands she needs to run for her family. Her medical condition also inhibits her from being as active as she would like, especially when she doesn’t get the proper nutrition she needs to keep her body healthy and strong.

We are grateful to our sponsors who help provide for the needs of our children and we are confident that we can improve the quality of life for this precious family through your generous support.

Below are Ferehiwot’s urgent needs:

Home with cement walls and floor:  $65 per month
Bed with mattress and sheets:  $300
Table and chairs:  $140
Cooking items:  $70
Couch:  $105
Storage shelf:  $95

Can you help us move Ferehiwot into safer housing?  Or maybe you can help ensure she has a table to eat at and a bed to sleep in?  If you are able to meet one or more of these needs, please make your donation or contact us today!




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