BCI Academy Students Dominate Question & Answer Competition

Once or twice a year, the Cluster Resource Center (CRC) in Debre Zeyit hosts a question and answer-type competition among member schools.  There are seventeen schools under the CRC system, which provides training and enables its schools to share their resources and experience.  The CRC is part of the Regional School Administration Office.

Students from the 4th and 8th grades at BCI Academy recently participated in one of these competitions.  Topics included English, Amharic, math and science.  8th grade students were also quizzed on geography and specific sciences like physics, chemistry and biology.

students-at-bci-academy-in-ethiopia-hold-award-certificates-earned-at-an-academic-competitionOverall, the BCI Team consisted of 10 students and three teachers, with two competitors from 4th grade and three competitors from 8th.  There were also support team members present from each grade.  The top students from each grade were chosen to participate.

The teachers did an excellent job preparing the students beforehand and coaching them during the competition.  The students displayed great confidence during the event and did not let us down!  Both grades came away champions, with the 4th grade making it to the third level and 8th grade dominating the competition with Natnael Birhanu placing first, Mintesinot Gashaw placing second, and Fenet Kefeyalew placing third.


(L-R) Natnael Birhanu, Mintesinot Gashaw, Fenet Kefeyalew



The entire school showed its appreciation the following day with a special flag ceremony and award presentation.  The teachers were especially proud of their students, and although a teacher salary may not be very high, the satisfaction received from the results of the students’ efforts was immeasurable. Kudos to BCI Academy students and teachers on a job well done!

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