Going Hungry

Blessing the Children works hard to ensure that none of our sponsored children go hungry. With your help, we are able to provide each child a full breakfast and lunch and the BCI Academy. This meal program at the BCI Academy is great at meeting the children’s needs during the week but unfortunately, it leaves a gap on the weekends. For this purpose, Blessing the Children provides monthly grain support, to ensure that the children also have food to eat while they are home. This month’s grain support included macaroni, peanut butter, rice, and soup. two-women-in-debre-zeyit-ethiopia-prepare-food-for-the-blessing-the-children-international-feeding-program

Before joining the BCI family, our kids didn’t have this opportunity. Some might eat once a day, while others don’t eat at all. And those that get the chance to eat once or twice a day usually don’t receive a proper meal. We want what is best for our kids, enabling them to grow up healthy and strong, and we understand this can only be accomplished through providing their bodies with the nutrition they need.

Each and every one of you who sponsors a child should be proud of everything that you are doing for these families. Because of your support, these children don’t have to go hungry. These children have the opportunity to grow up strong and healthy! These children have a bright future, because of you.


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