This Christmas, Help Us Protect Little Ethiopian Feet

Rustic Mornings

If you’re like most Americans, you have several pairs of shoes. Even if you don’t have a fascination with shoes, you most likely at least have a pair of boots for winter, dress shoes for formal occasions and church, a pair of sandals for the summer, and tennis shoes for any active outing – need I go on? Most of us have shoes in abundance – more than we need or even use – and while shoes are considered a necessity, we use them as more of an accessory. A way to express ourselves. Which is wonderful! But did you know…

Up until recently, shoes were not common place in Ethiopia. Even now, many people in Ethiopia cannot afford shoes and there are remote parts of Ethiopia where shoes are still not available or worn. But going barefoot in Ethiopia can be dangerous. Without shoes, children are susceptible to injury, disease and even loss of limbs because with no health insurance and no money for health care, a small cut or injury on the foot can quickly fester into more.

DSC04888 v2

Would you partner with us this Christmas to protect the precious little feet of every child in the BCI program? For just $12, we can provide one child with a new pair of shoes to keep their feet safe as they run, jump, play and savor the joy of being a child. The last time we were able to provide every child a new pair of shoes was two years ago and with how fast growing and active those little feet are, many of those two-year-old shoes have been outgrown, handed down, and worn out.

To provide every child in the program with a new pair of shoes this Christmas, we need $2,424. Are you able to provide a pair of shoes for one child? Maybe you’re able to provide five children with a pair of shoes? If you’re unable to make a donation towards this need, perhaps you will share it with your friends and family this Christmas and help us meet our goal of protecting all the little feet in the BCI program!

2015-09 Shoes Fundraiser6

shoes worn IMG_1018


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