What People Are Saying – Mission Trip Testimonials

The BCI Social Workers and staff are quite simply amazing! Their dedication and commitment to the children and the work of the ministry was both challenging and inspiring to me. Each one of them is so gifted by God and has such a heart for the work they are doing. Blessing the Children is doing the work of the ministry and it is working! You can literally see the difference in the children enrolled in the BCI Program and those on the streets and in the neighborhoods. The BCI children appear healthier, better nourished, better clothed, happier! They are attending school. They are involved in church. And if you go meet them, they will climb right into your lap and into your heart. I thought I was going to bless the children, but it turns out I was the one who was blessed. I will never be the same. And, I am now the proud sponsor of two BCI children! I am so grateful to God for allowing me this opportunity. What a privileged it is to participate in His work through Blessing the Children!
Kay M. –  Oklahoma

I really enjoyed going on home visits with the social workers and being with the children. I felt relaxed and comfortable and had a lot of fun. The BCI staff were fantastic and treated us like family. It was great to see their love and dedication in how they care for the children and families. God’s love truly shines through your people.
Joe C. – Wisconsin

We had beautiful accommodations and the staff had great pacing each day – not too jam packed and not too slow. We were busy but not exhausted and the staff was sensitive to our physical well-being. We had a great variety of activities in which we participated – I liked that. The staff was also always looking out for our safety and letting us know what we would be doing next. This was a fabulous experience and the organization prior to the trip (from the U.S. office) helped things flow smoothly.
Amy R. – Iowa

After actually meeting several adults and numerous children in the city of Debre Zeit, my admiration for these people grew like wildfire. Whether I was doing a home visit with one of the many lovely social workers, fixing up a home, or teaching English at the BCI academy with Kelkias or “H”, I saw God’s beauty in the people. Through their smiles, hugs, and laughter I felt their faith and love for God.
Brittany V. – Pennsylvania
Full Article – https://blessingthechildren.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/i-saw-gods-beauty-in-the-people/

Now after 3 mission trips through BCI I can’t imagine my life without Ethiopia. We have started a missions day at our local church camp, have missions retreats and I present at different churches in the area. The Lord is doing HUGE things in Ethiopia and I am blessed to be a part of His plan.
Denae B. – Missouri
Full Article – https://blessingthechildren.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/ethiopia-the-place-that-has-my-heart/


Sometimes while in Ethiopia, I found myself thinking: “This is it, right now, I am living my dream.” I made myself a promise. I will not to live my life for myself, not let my life be a grind and live for work, money and a big house. It is worth it to take risks and to overcome challenges, so you can shine and let others shine. Our world needs people to color it and to bring hope!
Marianne H. – Netherlands
Full Article – https://blessingthechildren.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/this-is-it-right-now-i-am-living-my-dream/


In the middle of so much desperate need, God broke through the darkness and shone his light into a wounded heart and allowed us the honor of being his vessels to set in motion the change of a lifetime. The joy of walking through the door of opportunity God opened before us. The chance to pour love into a woman who was lost in a world of mere survival and sin.
Susan S. – Pennsylvania
Full Article – https://blessingthechildren.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/a-blessing-to-bereket/


When I think back to the many people I met at the school, foster home, or on social visits, I remember huge smiles and welcoming embraces.  I arranged my mission trip with B.C.I. in the hopes of helping to make a difference in the lives of the people and children of Ethiopia, but I think that the biggest difference made was the one they made in my life.
Courtney R. – Canada
Full Article – https://blessingthechildren.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/336_hours/

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