A Place to Call Home for Meheret

Completed Meheret Lakew

Meheret Lakew is an 11 year old girl suffering from the devastating effects of meningitis. Because of Meheret’s disability and the difficulties that come with it, Meheret and her mother were being forced to leave their current home – which would have left them homeless.

You can read Meheret’s full story here: blessingthechildren.wordpress.com/2015/01/22/diapers-for-disabled-girl/

Thanks to the efforts and support of our generous donors, we were able to build Meheret and her mother a new home with electricity. Their home was built with concrete, which makes it clean and easy to sanitize as Meheret is unable to use a toilet.

We were also able to provide a bed and an injera cooker. This saves Meheret’s mom time and money by being able to cook it quickly at home with the electric top cooker. Shetaye, Meheret’s mother, no longer has to spend the money to purchase injera from the store or to fill the house with smoke making a fire to cook injera the traditional way. She is able to use the teff she gets for grain support and quickly make injera for herself and Meheret.

Finally, we painted Meheret’s new home a cheery yellow. Meheret loves to smile and we wanted her home to be as bright as she is.








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