Update | Wounded, HIV+ Five Year Old

Fitsum Girma UpdateFitsum Girma’s story started out something like this…

“Fitsum shares a twin mattress on the concrete floor of their empty home with both of her parents and her younger brother. This mattress is the only piece of furniture in their house.”

You can read the full story here: https://blessingthechildren.wordpress.com/2015/03/31/urgent-need-wounded-hiv-five-year-old/

Thanks to your generous support, Fitsum and her brother no longer have to share twin mattress on the concrete floor with their parents. Fitsum and her brother now have a mattress, pillow, set of sheet and blanket all of their own. And judging by the smiles on their faces, I think its safe to say they couldn’t be more excited.

Fitsum has also begun receiving sponsorship benefits and the daily vitamin, grain support, cows milk and HIV medication have helped to increase her immunity and allowed her to regain her strength. Fitsum has put on some weight (which is a good thing!) and was also taken into the doctor to have her leg examined and an x-ray taken.

From this appointment, the doctor said that Fitsum will need surgery at a hospital in the Capital – Addis Ababa – to correct her leg. We are awaiting a date for her initial appointment where we will get further details and cost information.

Check back to see how Fitsum is doing and to see the rest of her furniture! Thank you to everyone who donated towards this need, whether it be through prayer support, financial support or hands on mission support. We couldn’t change lives and bring hope to the hopeless without you.

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