Then & Now | Meet Marta Bedilu

Marta Bedilu

Although she has experienced much sadness in her life, Marta is a fun-loving 14 year old with a rich sense of imagination.

Marta’s father is deceased and her mother left her to live with her extended family: two aunts, two uncles, and her grandparents. Marta’s grandmother suffers from typhoid and is unable to work therefore the income the family gets is based on the communal efforts of her aunts and uncles.  They do the best they can to contribute towards the house and things that Marta needs but they have their own expenses they have to pay as well. Marta tries to help out by washing the dishes and cleaning up around the house.

Marta is in 5th grade at the BCI Academy where she works hard to keep her science classes up to par as she dreams of being a doctor. School has been a struggle for her as she appears to have ADD but she continues to work at it. When she isn’t working hard in school, she likes to sit back and write poetry about Ethiopia.

Marta was one of the first children to enter the BCI Program seven years ago and still needs two more sponsors of $30/month or one sponsor of $60/month. Won’t you be the one to express love and support to this young lady? Or maybe you know someone – perhaps a friend, family member or coworker – who can help this fun loving girl?

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