Kalkidan Shumi – Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 6

Kalkidan Shumi IMG_0217

Kalkidan Shumi is a well-rounded 12 year old and the youngest of five children, four of whom live at home with her mother. Kalkidan’s father passed away when she was very young, leaving her mother to care for five children on her own. Kalkidan’s oldest brother has left for university, which eases the load a little but Kalkidan rarely gets to see him now and misses him. Kalkidan herself is in Grade 5 at BCI Academy, excelling in math.

While she does well in math, she still has an active imagination and hopes that one day she will be able to travel abroad and sing at big shows. She says if she were to get a sponsor, she would make sure to visit them on her travels.

Kalkidan’s favorite bible story is the story of David and Goliath because David had enough faith to trust God and kill Goliath. Kalkidan may have lost her biological father but when asked what God means to her, she answered “He is my Father.” When Kalkidan is not in school or helping around the house, she enjoys playing soccer with her friends.

Kalkidan’s mother struggles to make ends meet by working at a factory but even working full time, it is impossible to afford food for four children and the rent each month ($35 USD). Would you consider how you can help Kalkidan and her family?

Kalkidan is still in need of a full $90/mo sponsorship. If you are unable to commit to a monthly donation, perhaps you would consider a one-time donation to help cover her rent for a month or additional food for this struggling family?


Abel Moges – Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 5


Abel Moges is a very inquisitive 15 year old who would love to travel to Djibouti someday to explore. He is in the 7th grade at the BCI Academy (where he has gone to school for the last 5 years) and works hard at science because he wants to be a pilot but his favorite subject is math. Abel is an only child who lives with his mom. His mother has done her best to support herself and Abel but they never seem to have enough money for food, rent and other necessities so they always go without in one area or another. Recently, his mother has accepted the opportunity to better herself and generate additional income by joining the BCI Income Generating Loom Project.

Abel willing helps his mother around the house by sweeping and doing dishes.  When he is not in school or helping around the house, Abel loves to play soccer with his friends. Abel’s favorite food is pasta and when they can afford it, he greatly appreciates when his mother makes it. His favorite animals are cates and, like many of us, he enjoys watching them play around and doing silly stuff. His favorite color is yellow and he enjoys mornings, especially when the sun is just coming up.

Abel is 2008, upon entrance to the BCI Program.

Abel is 2008, upon entrance to the BCI Program.

Abel was one of the first children to join the BCI Program 7 years ago but he is still in need of $60/mo in sponsorships. Would you be the one to invest in his life and future? Do you know someone who might feel led to support this young man, enabling him to continue in school and receive 2 healthy, balanced meals each school day? If you are unable to make a monthly commitment, perhaps you could manage a one-time donation towards Abel’s support?

Abel at the BCI Academy in 2010, age 10.

Abel at the BCI Academy in 2010, age 10.

Abel is 2012, age 12.

Abel at the BCI Academy in 2012, age 12.

Hiwot Semeneh – Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 4


Hiwot is a gentle, helpful nine year old who was born into a sad situation. Her mother, Selam, was just nine years old when she was told she would marry a man that her parents chose for her. Selam, determined not to be forced into an arranged marriage with a man three times her age, fled to Addis Ababa in search of safety.

In Addis, Selam found a job as a maid for a well to do family. Selam worked for this family for years, feeling like she had found a place where she belonged, a safety from the arranged marriage that her family tried to force on her. But in a single moment, that safety was ripped away and replaced with fear as she was taken advantage of by a man living in the home.

Once again, Selam fled for safety. She ended up in Debre Zeyit and a short time later found out she was pregnant with Hiwot. Selam began working as a waitress and struggling to make ends meets for herself and Hiwot until a man reached out to her, wanting to help her and Hiwot, taking them into his home and caring for them. Things were going wonderful for Selam and Hiwot until Selam discovered she was pregnant again and the father left them.

Selam had her second child, a girl, and continues to wait tables to try and make ends meet but due to being HIV +, she often gets sick and is unable to work and care for the girls. When her mother is sick, Hiwot takes responsibility for her little sister and the home by cooking, cleaning and getting herself and her sister to school – if her mother isn’t too sick to be left alone.

Despite the tragedy of her situation, Hiwot is a beautiful young girl who works hard at everything she does, whether it be taking care of her family or her school studies. Hiwot wants to be a pilot when she gets older and loves environmental science. Her favorite subject is English Grammar while Spoken English is her least favorite. When Hiwot is not in school or caring for her family, she enjoys playing outside with her friends.

Hiwot has been in the BCI Program for one year now without a sponsor. Would you pray and consider what you can do to help improve Hiwot’s life – whether it be through a monthly sponsorship or a one-time gift?

We want to ease this young girl’s burden of caring for her family at such a young age. Hiwot should be enjoying a childhood full of cheer and laughter but in order for her mother to get better and stay stable, they need a better supply of food each month. We would like to provide Hiwot with a sponsorship and also with a love gift of extra food for her and her family. Would you consider what you can do to help?

Marta Bedilu | Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 3


Fun Loving Marta

Fun Loving Marta

Although she has experienced much sadness in her life, Marta is a fun-loving 14 year old with a rich sense of imagination. Marta’s father is deceased and her mother left her to live with her extended family: two aunts, two uncles, and her grandparents. Marta’s grandmother suffers from typhoid and is unable to work therefore the income the family gets is based on the communal efforts of her aunts and uncles.  They do the best they can to contribute towards the house and things that Marta needs but they have their own expenses they have to pay as well. Marta tries to help out by washing the dishes and cleaning up around the house.

Marta is in 5th grade at the BCI Academy where she works hard to keep her science classes up to par as she dreams of being a doctor. School has been a struggle for her as she appears to have ADD but she continues to work at it. When she isn’t working hard in school, she likes to sit back and write poetry about Ethiopia.

Marta was one of the first children to enter the BCI Program seven years ago and still needs two more sponsors of $30/month or one sponsor of $60/month. Won’t you be the one to express love and support to this young lady? Or maybe you know someone – perhaps a friend, family member or coworker – who can help this fun loving girl?

Marta upon entrance to the BCI Program in 2008

Marta upon entrance to the BCI Program in 2008

Surafel Tefera – Spring Into Sponsorship Opportunity 2

surafel tefera IMG_0124

Surafel Tefera is a bashful nine year old who lives with his mom and brother. Surafel was one of the first children to enter the BCI Program in 2008, over 7 years ago and it has been such a blessing to watch him grow and to be a part of his life over the years. Surafel’s father left his mother long ago and neither boy knows or has any relationship with him. It is sad that these young boys do not have a positive father figure in their lives but Surafel’s mom does the best she can for them.

Surafel is a reserved, bashful child and his shyness was evident as he was slow in answering questions about himself. He did tell us he likes playing ball and when he is older he wants to be an engineer. His favorite holiday is Gena (Christmas) because it is the day we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. Weekend activities include attending church and washing dishes for the family. During the week when he is not in school, he will come home, eat, nap, and play with his friends. Surafel likes going to church, being with his friends and says that communicating with friends is a strongpoint. When we asked him what he is good at, he said serving God.

Wolela, Surafel’s mom, works hard to provide for her boys by making handmade African baskets that she sells at the street markets. Making and selling the baskets takes a lot of work as some of the larger ones she makes takes her two months to complete. Wolela works hard and does her best but unfortunately the income is not enough for herself and her two boys.

Surafel in 2008, upon entrance to the BCI Program.

Surafel in 2008, upon entrance to the BCI Program.

Although Surafel has been in the sponsorship program for 7 years, he is still in need of $30 to be fully sponsored. Through the BCI Sponsorship Program, Surafel is able to go to school and work towards finishing his education, which will give him a better chance at a good future.

Can you support Surafel with a monthly sponsorship of $30?Do you know of a friend, family member, or co-worker who could sponsor this shy, quiet child?Perhaps you or someone you know would be able to make a one-time love gift towards Surafel’s future?

Surafel in 2011, age 5

Surafel in 2011, age 5

Alemayehu Abera – Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 1

Alemayehu Abera is an 11 year old boy living with his mother, Almenesh, and 3 siblings. This family lost their father and sole provider several years ago as he was working on a construction site and fell from a high level of scaffolding. After the fall, he succumbed to his injuries, leaving Alemnesh to care for all four children herself. Unable to work because of reoccurring problems with her eyes and heart, Alemnesh puts her children to bed hungry most nights.

In addition to lack of food, Alemaheyu also has no water access near his home and they have to travel long distances to fetch water, although it is not always clean. This family was blessed with a donkey after Alemaheyu’s older sister fell and broke her arm trying to carry enough water for the family but the donkey doesn’t provide them food and with no income, they are starving.

Through a donation from a missionary, we were able to provide them with some chickens but three of the chickens recently died, leaving only two to provide the family with eggs. This family also has a small garden to try and grow food but the weather has not allowed for much growth.

This family is doing their best to improve their situation. They are doing their best to survive. Throughout this struggle they call life, Almenesh strongly encourages her children to continue their schooling regardless of their situation because she knows the power behind an education.

And we know that despite our best efforts, we all need help sometimes. We want to help this family by providing them with extra food support, purchase them a few more chickens and by finding Alemaheyu a full sponsorship. A full sponsorship will enable Alemaheyu to begin attending school at the BCI Academy where he will received 2 healthy, well balanced meals a day, along with a great education. Alemaheyu will also receive medical care, monthly grain support and access to all BCI programs and outreaches.

Can you help out this family with a one-time donation? Or perhaps you can manage a monthly sponsorship donation of $90/month to provide Alemaheyu with the benefits of a sponsorship?

Alemayehu, with his mother and brother

Alemayehu, with his mother and brother