Besufekad Yohannes | Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 14

besafeduk IMG_2826

Besufekad is a happy and precious four year old with a mental disorder. Until recently, Besufekad was unable to speak at all or do much for himself. Since his parents have been working with him, he is now able to self-feed and call out for his parents. Besufekad’s mental disorder is thought to be a form of autism but without a formal diagnosis, we can’t know for sure. His parents saved up the money to take him to a local doctor who told them that with proper care, his health could improve but they cannot afford to continue to take him to the doctor or provide that care.

Besufekad is an only child living with his parents and is often seen running around wearing only a t-shirt. Both of Besufekad’s parents work as hard as hard as they can for their family but it’s never enough. His mother sells berbere, a spice, at the local market and his father works full time as a guard. Between the two of them, they make around 700 birr a month or $35 USD. Almost half of this, $15 USD, goes to pay their rent. While his parents are working during the day, Besufekad’s eight year old cousin is his primary care giver and other adults on their compound periodically check in on them.

This family is urgently in need of clothes for Besufekad and a new mattress. Their small home contains one small mattress on the ground that Besufekad and his parents share.

Would you consider sponsoring this precious little boy so that he can begin receiving grain and medical support? Perhaps you could make a one-time donation of love towards a new mattress or clothes? Is there someone you can share this need with?

You can make a one-time donation or sign up for a sponsorship online, via phone or mail.

Online |

Phone | 989.667.8850

Mail | Blessing the Children, 2265 Fraser Road, Kawkawlin, MI  48631


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