Nebeyu Shimeles | Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 11

Nebeyu Shimeles IMG_0439

Nebeyu Shimeles is an artistic and intelligent 13 year old who lives with his mom and his aunt in a small compound with three other houses. His mother was living in Dukem taking care of a sick relative but when that relative passed, she had no choice but to move to Debre Zeyit where her sister offered to take her in. Nebeyu’s mother sells charcoal and firewood just outside their home or at the market areas to make ends meet. She does her best to provide but it is never enough.

Despite the hard life he’s had, going hungry and without shoes or other necessary items, Nebeyu is a fun-loving young man although he is shy around new people. He is reserved and cautious and likes to know people before revealing himself but once he opens up to you, the fun begins! Nebeyu is artistic – he loves to write poetry and he loves his mom even more. You can see how very important she is to him and how much he appreciates her through his artistic expression of poetry, often reflecting his mother and her love.


Nebeyu goes to BCI Academy and is in the 7th grade. Even at 12 years of age, he desires to be an engineer and prides himself in his math and physics classes. Thanks to BCI, Nebeyu now eats both breakfast and lunch at school, which helps him to be more focused and alert so he can concentrate on his studies. Nebeyu says he is very happy for the nutritious meals that enable him to do better in school because he believes school is very important.

Would you consider investing in the life of this intelligent, determined young man? Nebeyu is still in need of $90/mo to remain in the BCI program. Receiving a sponsorship will enable him to continue receiving two healthy, well balanced meals a day and to continue his education at the BCI Academy.

Would you reach out to Nebeyu and provide him with a sponsorship? Perhaps you are able to give a one-time gift of love? Nebeyu needs one $90/mo sponsorship OR three $30/mo sponsorships.

You can make a onetime donation or sign up for a sponsorship online, via phone or mail.

Online |

Phone | 989.667.8850

Mail | Blessing the Children, 2265 Fraser Road, Kawkawlin, MI  48631

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