Biniam Chekel | Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 10

Bianiam Chekel IMG_3865

Biniam is a quiet, shy young man who has lived a hard life. He lost both of his parents when he was about 10 and out of 8 siblings (4 brothers, 4 sisters), only one of his sisters stepped in to take care of him. After 7 years, he still lives with his sister and plays the man of the house by hauling water since they don’t have running water in their home.

His sister works to support them by selling barley flour and a barley drink. You can see how much Biniam loves and appreciates his sister for what she has done and continue to do for them. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, his sister does not make enough to provide food, clothes and other necessities for them and they often go without.

Biniam attends school at the Joshua Academy, a private school in Debre Zeyit. Right now he is in the 10th grade and next year, he will be attending the only preparatory school in Debre Zeyit, which is a great accomplishment. Biniam enjoys studying and playing soccer with his best friend Fokeriob. He also loves to swim.

Biniam is in current need of two more sponsors to support him at $30/month. Would you be able to step in and help support this bright young man? Can you help Biniam towards a bright future? If you’re unable to commit to a monthly donation, perhaps you could provide a onetime donation of love for this orphaned boy and his sister, who so selflessly took him in?

You can make a onetime donation or sign up for a sponsorship online, via phone or mail.

Online |

Phone | 989.667.8850

Mail | Blessing the Children, 2265 Fraser Road, Kawkawlin, MI  48631

Biniam upon entrance to the BCI Program in 2010, age 12

Biniam upon entrance to the BCI Program in 2010, age 12

Biniam, age 14

Biniam, age 14

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