Sara Abiy | Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 8

Sara Abiy IMG_0401

Sara Abiy is a sweet and lovable nine year old who lives with her mom, grandmother, cousin and uncle in a house found at the end of a long, uphill road. Sara’s dad passed away long ago from a disability. Sara helps out her family by running errands and going to the corner shop to get supplies like soap and oil, when they can afford them. She also loves to be artistic and desires to progress in her skills, especially drawing. Her favorite color is blue, like the sky, and her favorite part about church is the singing.

Sara dreams of being a pediatrician and she attends school at the BCI Academy in the 4th Grade. Sara is a smart girl who does well in school and loves math.

Sara upon entrance to the BCI Program in 2008

Sara upon entrance to the BCI Program in 2008

Sara was one of the first children added to the program in 2008 and recently lost her sponsor because their finances grew tight and they could no longer support her. Sara was sad to lose her long time sponsors and is now in need of a full sponsorship.

Would you reach out to Sara and show her love?
Will you help break the cycle of poverty in her family?
Would you give her a chance at a bright future, working as a pediatrician and saving lives?
Would you consider sponsoring her monthly or with a one-time donation of love?

You can make a donation or sign up for a sponsorship online, via phone or mail.

Online |

Phone | 989.667.8850

Mail | Blessing the Children, 2265 Fraser Road, Kawkawlin, MI  48631

Sara in 2010

Sara in 2010

Sara in 2012

Sara in 2012

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