Bethel Negussie | Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 7

Bethel Negussie IMG_0420

Bethel is a quiet 10 year old that loves to snuggle. She is the youngest of five children and a full orphan. Bethel and her siblings lost both of their parents but it was too long ago that she was too young to remember what happen. After their passing, she moved to Debre Zeyit with her siblings to live with a distant relative although the relative couldn’t afford to support all five children and her brothers and sisters were split up and sent to live in different places leaving Bethel by herself. Despite the sadness she has endured in her young life, Bethel is still a gentle, loving child. Her favorite color is red and her favorite animal is a lion, although she’s never seen one in real life. Bethel’s guardian is older but Bethel is still not required to help around the house yet.

Bethel is a Grade 5 student at the BCI Academy where she dreams of becoming a nurse. One of her favorite classes at the BCI Academy is English, which will help her greatly when she is helping a variety of people get better at the hospital.

Bethel upon entrance to the BCI Program in 2011, age 6

Bethel upon entrance to the BCI Program in 2011, age 6

Bethel has been in the program for a number of years but she is still unsponsored. If you decide to sponsor her, your support will keep her in the BCI Academy, studying towards a bright future of helping others. It will provide her two healthy, well balanced meals a day at the BCI Academy, ensuring she is full and focused. Your support will make sure that if any medical problems arise, she will be covered and well looked after.

Please consider supporting Bethel, investing in her future. If you are unable to commit to a monthly donation, could you give a one-time donation of love?

Bethel at school (BCI Academy) in 2012, age 7

Bethel at school (BCI Academy) in 2012, age 7

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