Abel Moges – Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 5


Abel Moges is a very inquisitive 15 year old who would love to travel to Djibouti someday to explore. He is in the 7th grade at the BCI Academy (where he has gone to school for the last 5 years) and works hard at science because he wants to be a pilot but his favorite subject is math. Abel is an only child who lives with his mom. His mother has done her best to support herself and Abel but they never seem to have enough money for food, rent and other necessities so they always go without in one area or another. Recently, his mother has accepted the opportunity to better herself and generate additional income by joining the BCI Income Generating Loom Project.

Abel willing helps his mother around the house by sweeping and doing dishes.  When he is not in school or helping around the house, Abel loves to play soccer with his friends. Abel’s favorite food is pasta and when they can afford it, he greatly appreciates when his mother makes it. His favorite animals are cates and, like many of us, he enjoys watching them play around and doing silly stuff. His favorite color is yellow and he enjoys mornings, especially when the sun is just coming up.

Abel is 2008, upon entrance to the BCI Program.

Abel is 2008, upon entrance to the BCI Program.

Abel was one of the first children to join the BCI Program 7 years ago but he is still in need of $60/mo in sponsorships. Would you be the one to invest in his life and future? Do you know someone who might feel led to support this young man, enabling him to continue in school and receive 2 healthy, balanced meals each school day? If you are unable to make a monthly commitment, perhaps you could manage a one-time donation towards Abel’s support?

Abel at the BCI Academy in 2010, age 10.

Abel at the BCI Academy in 2010, age 10.

Abel is 2012, age 12.

Abel at the BCI Academy in 2012, age 12.

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