Hiwot Semeneh – Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 4


Hiwot is a gentle, helpful nine year old who was born into a sad situation. Her mother, Selam, was just nine years old when she was told she would marry a man that her parents chose for her. Selam, determined not to be forced into an arranged marriage with a man three times her age, fled to Addis Ababa in search of safety.

In Addis, Selam found a job as a maid for a well to do family. Selam worked for this family for years, feeling like she had found a place where she belonged, a safety from the arranged marriage that her family tried to force on her. But in a single moment, that safety was ripped away and replaced with fear as she was taken advantage of by a man living in the home.

Once again, Selam fled for safety. She ended up in Debre Zeyit and a short time later found out she was pregnant with Hiwot. Selam began working as a waitress and struggling to make ends meets for herself and Hiwot until a man reached out to her, wanting to help her and Hiwot, taking them into his home and caring for them. Things were going wonderful for Selam and Hiwot until Selam discovered she was pregnant again and the father left them.

Selam had her second child, a girl, and continues to wait tables to try and make ends meet but due to being HIV +, she often gets sick and is unable to work and care for the girls. When her mother is sick, Hiwot takes responsibility for her little sister and the home by cooking, cleaning and getting herself and her sister to school – if her mother isn’t too sick to be left alone.

Despite the tragedy of her situation, Hiwot is a beautiful young girl who works hard at everything she does, whether it be taking care of her family or her school studies. Hiwot wants to be a pilot when she gets older and loves environmental science. Her favorite subject is English Grammar while Spoken English is her least favorite. When Hiwot is not in school or caring for her family, she enjoys playing outside with her friends.

Hiwot has been in the BCI Program for one year now without a sponsor. Would you pray and consider what you can do to help improve Hiwot’s life – whether it be through a monthly sponsorship or a one-time gift?

We want to ease this young girl’s burden of caring for her family at such a young age. Hiwot should be enjoying a childhood full of cheer and laughter but in order for her mother to get better and stay stable, they need a better supply of food each month. We would like to provide Hiwot with a sponsorship and also with a love gift of extra food for her and her family. Would you consider what you can do to help?

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