Surafel Tefera – Spring Into Sponsorship Opportunity 2

surafel tefera IMG_0124

Surafel Tefera is a bashful nine year old who lives with his mom and brother. Surafel was one of the first children to enter the BCI Program in 2008, over 7 years ago and it has been such a blessing to watch him grow and to be a part of his life over the years. Surafel’s father left his mother long ago and neither boy knows or has any relationship with him. It is sad that these young boys do not have a positive father figure in their lives but Surafel’s mom does the best she can for them.

Surafel is a reserved, bashful child and his shyness was evident as he was slow in answering questions about himself. He did tell us he likes playing ball and when he is older he wants to be an engineer. His favorite holiday is Gena (Christmas) because it is the day we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth. Weekend activities include attending church and washing dishes for the family. During the week when he is not in school, he will come home, eat, nap, and play with his friends. Surafel likes going to church, being with his friends and says that communicating with friends is a strongpoint. When we asked him what he is good at, he said serving God.

Wolela, Surafel’s mom, works hard to provide for her boys by making handmade African baskets that she sells at the street markets. Making and selling the baskets takes a lot of work as some of the larger ones she makes takes her two months to complete. Wolela works hard and does her best but unfortunately the income is not enough for herself and her two boys.

Surafel in 2008, upon entrance to the BCI Program.

Surafel in 2008, upon entrance to the BCI Program.

Although Surafel has been in the sponsorship program for 7 years, he is still in need of $30 to be fully sponsored. Through the BCI Sponsorship Program, Surafel is able to go to school and work towards finishing his education, which will give him a better chance at a good future.

Can you support Surafel with a monthly sponsorship of $30?Do you know of a friend, family member, or co-worker who could sponsor this shy, quiet child?Perhaps you or someone you know would be able to make a one-time love gift towards Surafel’s future?

Surafel in 2011, age 5

Surafel in 2011, age 5

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