Alemayehu Abera – Spring into Sponsorship Opportunity 1

Alemayehu Abera is an 11 year old boy living with his mother, Almenesh, and 3 siblings. This family lost their father and sole provider several years ago as he was working on a construction site and fell from a high level of scaffolding. After the fall, he succumbed to his injuries, leaving Alemnesh to care for all four children herself. Unable to work because of reoccurring problems with her eyes and heart, Alemnesh puts her children to bed hungry most nights.

In addition to lack of food, Alemaheyu also has no water access near his home and they have to travel long distances to fetch water, although it is not always clean. This family was blessed with a donkey after Alemaheyu’s older sister fell and broke her arm trying to carry enough water for the family but the donkey doesn’t provide them food and with no income, they are starving.

Through a donation from a missionary, we were able to provide them with some chickens but three of the chickens recently died, leaving only two to provide the family with eggs. This family also has a small garden to try and grow food but the weather has not allowed for much growth.

This family is doing their best to improve their situation. They are doing their best to survive. Throughout this struggle they call life, Almenesh strongly encourages her children to continue their schooling regardless of their situation because she knows the power behind an education.

And we know that despite our best efforts, we all need help sometimes. We want to help this family by providing them with extra food support, purchase them a few more chickens and by finding Alemaheyu a full sponsorship. A full sponsorship will enable Alemaheyu to begin attending school at the BCI Academy where he will received 2 healthy, well balanced meals a day, along with a great education. Alemaheyu will also receive medical care, monthly grain support and access to all BCI programs and outreaches.

Can you help out this family with a one-time donation? Or perhaps you can manage a monthly sponsorship donation of $90/month to provide Alemaheyu with the benefits of a sponsorship?

Alemayehu, with his mother and brother

Alemayehu, with his mother and brother


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