Filling Little Bellies & Big Hearts

We brought in December in Ethiopia with lots of happy children! December Activity Day was a huge success and the children had a fun time as we filled not only their bellies but their hearts.

The day started off with a prayer of gratefulness and singing praise and worship. This was followed by Jamie, a long term missionary, teaching the children how they are new creations in Christ.

After Jamie’s message the children split off into two groups, the older group heading over to the BCI Academy library to watch “God’s Not Dead”. The younger children stayed in the cafeteria for a new craft by Canadian missionaries – homemade play-doh! The play-doh was made ahead of time and the looks of excitement and curiosity on the children’s faces when it was handed out was priceless. The children were given a choice of red or yellow dye to color their play-doh and had the option to add glitter to make it sparkle. Once we explained to them that it was not food, we let them start creating and watched their imaginations run wild. It was a sight to behold!

IMG_1659Nearing the end of our craft time, we took the opportunity to share with the children about how God works in our hearts and makes us new, just like they are making new creations out of their play-doh. The kids wrapped up making their creations and were taught a new game – balloon volleyball! The new game was also a huge hit with the laughter and delight continuing on until the movie was over and the noon meal was ready.

IMG_1666After all the little stomachs were full, the children were taken home via the BCI Academy bus. We want to say a huge thank you for making days like this possible through your generous support. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you in changing lives in Ethiopia.






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